Reframe Your Mindset

Redefine Your Success

"I began my life as an athlete having come last in two races, but changing your thoughts has the ability to transform your world and expand possibility. Choosing specific thoughts and using the kind of tools Paul shares is what took me to a cycling gold medal in the Rio 2016 Paralympics, and on sporting adventures I might once have viewed as impossible. Reframe Your Mindset is a valuable guide to anyone striving to transform and achieve."

- Karen Darke MBE, Paralympic Champion (handcycling)

One thing is certain: we are all conditioned by our life experiences…

Although very fortunate to survive, Paul was unfortunate to be at the Hillsborough Stadium Football Disaster on 15th April 1989, when he was only 18 years old. On that fateful day, 96 fans lost their lives, but it shaped Paul, because he knew he was so lucky to be alive and had a chance to a life. Since that day Paul has focused on the teachings, lessons, literature, people and experiences that have given him insight into how the mind works and how our mindset makes a difference to our success in life.

From this, Paul found there is a mindset equation that enables all of us to understand what the secret to success is, and by focusing on these areas we can achieve the same results in our own life.

No matter who are you are and what you do, there is a simple equation to reframe your mindset for success, and if you follow that equation with determination and drive, you can be successful in whatever you choose.

Join Paul and explore how we can take control of our minds, to be the best version of ourselves every day.

The quality of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts, and the consistent action you take in line with those thoughts.


"I have to say I have really enjoyed some of the insights that Reframe Your Mindset offers and I’m sure it will inspire many people to unlock their own potential."

– Levison Wood, British Army Major, Photographer, Explorer, Writer

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Paul talks about the Mindset Equation


The New Positive Thinking: Develop Your Mindset to Shape Your Future

Experience the journey of a lifetime in search of a positive world and the "Super You" in this rollercoaster ride of self-discovery - The New Positive Thinking.

In this modern digital age of exponential change we have greater insight into the workings of the human brain and the importance of positive psychology. The New Positive Thinking provides a code for living a positive life and provides a rollercoaster ride of self-discovery by challenging the reader to consider what it means to live in a positive world.

Paul provides a different take on positive thinking and shares the significant life experience of being at the "Hillsborough Football Disaster" which has defined his life philosophy.

The book focuses on what motivates man to live as the reader travels back through history to take a closer look at life and destiny. And also how critical "mindset" is to our future success along with the importance of striving to be the best version of ourselves.

On a deeper level the New Positive Thinking asks the reader to consider how responsible he or she is for the person they choose to be, the actions they take and the life they live. It is a journey in search of how we can all make the world a positive place to live and the individual realisation of a positive and proactive way of life.

The Master: A Journey of Meaning and Purpose to Define Your Mindset

An introduction to Paul's theory of 'Psychological Intelligence' through the tale of the Master and the Apprentice.

The Master starts with the scene between the Master and the Apprentice who discuss life before a misty sky stretching towards the morning sun with an old temple perched upon the mountainside.

The Apprentice asks the master to teach him about love and life, the mystery and the secret, the essence and the realm, for he desires illumination and enlightenment. A discussion unfolds with the Master being described as the apprentice's inspiration. However the Master makes the points, 'Be your own inspiration and be inspired by being present young one' and 'Each one of us born unique, special and part of the pattern of the universe.' A door opens to the glorious sky and the Master asks the Apprentice to describe what he sees, feels, smells, tastes and hears suggesting that it is an illusion of the mind. An argument takes place with the Apprentice stressing there has to be more for every experience, everything that he sees and feels there is perfection all around with the sadness of humanity and the joy of human life. He asks the Master if he is ready to take the journey and the Master responds 'We are all ready, for where there is a will there is a way.'

From this opening dialogue the reader will understand that the Master and the Apprentice make key points and teachings through simple conversation and that they are about to embark on the journey of the seven noble truths of human dynamics.

  • Chapter One: The Brain
  • Chapter Two: The Mirror
  • Chapter Three: The Cave
  • Chapter Four: The Wheel
  • Chapter Five: The Watchman
  • Chapter Six: The Will
  • Chapter Seven: The Skyfire

The work is complimented with quotes, stories, and Zen wisdom to give the book a feel of mysticism that is contrasted by the Juxtaposition of modern settings and situations. Are you ready to take the journey?

12 Creativity Techniques to Think Differently

A small book on creativity techniques to help you think differently.

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In simple terms creative thinking is the ability to think laterally as oppose to thinking logically. It is about searching for original ideas and possibilities as oppose to looking for what currently exists or what is deemed at times as the logical right answer. Here are 12 simple techniques you can use to be creative at any time.

The Master: Developing Psychological Intelligence

Available in 2020

Coming Soon

The Master and the apprentice are back soon in discussion about how to develop psychological intelligence – watch this space.

Reframe Your Mindset: Redefine Your Success

5 stars

Really enjoyed this book. Gives loads of great examples of inspirational people and gives plenty of ways to make easy positive changes in your life. Highly recommend.

- A. Pleavin

5 stars

This is a great book on mindset for people who are looking to understand what makes people successful and to gain insight into how to develop their thinking. It explains simple steps through the mindset equation to help people reframe their mindset for success.

- S. Roderick

5 stars

This thought provoking book arrived at exactly the right moment to help me to muster the courage I needed to face my most difficult professional challenge yet. Task accomplished through determination, positive focus, and self-belief. I've now got the Mindset Equation beside my keyboard on my desk.

- Celtic Kiwi

5 stars

This is a great book on Mindset. It has got me thinking about what success means to me and how through the Mindset Equation I can apply the thinking in the book to develop myself and take my mindset to the next level. I enjoyed the references to how successful people use their mindset to be the best at what they do and recommend to anyone looking to get a mental edge in what they do. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to positively improve their mindset.

- El Deako

The New Positive Thinking: Develop Your Mindset to Shape Your Future

5 stars

Great positive read if you’re feeling like you can't make sense of life this helps.

- L. Timson

5 stars

This is a great read on positive thinking, with some really interesting facts, models and theories. I would recommend this book.

- Mrs S Roderick

5 stars

An excellent book on the power of positive thinking. The author clearly knows his subject matter, has done his research and is able to articulate in a way that is both thought-provoking & insightful - a really good read!

- Craigspen

The Master: A Journey of Meaning and Purpose to Define Your Mindset

5 stars

If you have read the likes of the Alchemist or the Monk who Sold his Ferrari then this book is for you. The premise of the book is how we can all use our psychological intelligence to be the best version of ourselves. The Master teaches his Apprentice simple life lessons that we can all learn from. I highly recommend this short book as a powerful reminder of the power of choice we have in life.

- T. Bodicifer

5 stars

The Master is a great read on how to develop your mindset through a series of simple lessons. I quite enjoyed the simple conversation approach of dialogue between the master and the apprentice. And it makes you think about the importance how to program yourself for success. A great little book I would recommend.

- I. Sutherland

5 stars

This book is refreshing and unique in my experience. The story is based around an Apprentice asking the Master to teach him the 7 noble truths of human dynamics. To me the story is all about the way the apprentice is slowly but surely able to shape his own life. It derives it's strength from it's unusual style - a dialogue between the two. Huge credit to Paul Corke for having the creativity and imagination to find a great and different way to get across really important messages for us all. Big thumbs up!

- Trevor Merriden

5 stars

This a great book that helps you to put life into perspective and provides thought provoking examples of how you can learn, grow and develop through your life experiences. An easy read that you can keep in your bag and refer to for inspirational examples of how to approach what life throws at you! I’ve known Paul for a number of years and learnt a lot from his Leadership Development experiences and positive approach to work and life. A recommended read for leaders and people who want to lead by example and get the most out of life.

- Mr C Viagus