Mindset Assessment


The Mindset Equation Assessment is a leading psychometric tool which assesses mindset as a whole when it comes to success. Based on Paul Corke’s latest book Reframe Your Mindset: Redefine Your Success the tool provides assessment based on an individual’s beliefs, default settings, and attitudes. With over 30 years of research into what makes a successful mindset the report provides three different levels of assessment:

  1.  Individual assessment
  2.  Team assessment
  3.  Organisational assessment

The individual and team assessment provide insight into key mindset indicators that define success and enable strengths and development areas to be identified. From an organisational perspective leaders complete a different questionnaire and assess specifically the mindset of the organisation.

There are different types of mindset which make people successful and therefore different types of mindset for organisations so having a growth mindset is only one aspect in defining success or successful organisations. So the Mindset Equation assessment and reports provide an in depth assessment of mindset based on completing the appropriate questionnaires.


Individual Report

The questionnaire scientifically measures and provides an in-depth assessment of an individual’s mindset and a report is generated to develop self-awareness. This is based on an overall 7 Significant Mindsets and then 21 Specific Mindset Indicators to identify a person’s current mindset, provide capability, preference, timeline, conscious v unconscious, visibility and overall insight. This allows an individual to reflect on their mindset strengths and development areas enabling effective coaching using the report.


Team Report

The team report is collated from the individuals within the team who have completed the report to provide the team overview. This provides insight into the team’s mindset strengths and development areas and determines how to pull on the collective capabilities and preferences when it comes to the mindset of the team.


Organisational Report

For organisations looking to develop their employees and leader’s mindset, this tool, used in conjunction with your leadership development and business strategy, provides a very effective way to build the culture you desire and maximise the profitability of your organisation.

The organisational report is developed from leaders completing an additional questionnaire which identifies the mindset of the organisation and separates the view at each level of the organisation. The report provides insight into 7 Core Mindset groups and how different combinations of the mindset groups impact the culture of the organisation.

Why is this important? Because leaders create the culture so it is essential they view the mindset of the organisation as congruent to your business strategy. By developing your leaders mindset along with an awareness of the mindset of the organisation it enables your people strategy to be built in alignment with your business strategy knowing the mindset of your leaders will build the culture you are looking to create and therefore greatly impact the future of your organisation.

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