Leadership Solutions

How we work with you

When working with you we will consult to ensure we fully understand your needs and to do this we follow six simple steps:

This is how it works…



We research your past, present and future to assess your current levels of leadership to make detailed recommendations on a way forward.

To do this we need to understand your business strategy, organisational culture, your burning platform, your current level of leadership capability, talent planning and the overall level of agility of your leadership. This is so we can fully understand how we can help you and provide a shared level of accountability in creating a way forward.

The most important part of this stage is about understanding the culture you are looking to create and how we support future proofing your leaders whilst building capability so you have leaders who can shape the future of your company now.



To be able to build the right culture your leaders play a critical role so ensuring you have a defined and shared understanding of leadership will be critical to your organisational success. This is the process of ‘leadership by design’ so we work with you to define leadership for your organisation either by creating a leadership model or trademark leadership behaviours. This is about defining what good looks like for leaders so they have a shared understanding and can then role model behavior and we do this by creating leadership success factors for your organisation. If you have an existing model or behaviours we can review, make recommendations or work with the existing model.

We then provide practical tools that leaders can use to have productive development and coaching conversations with their people based on these leadership success factors.



Once we have defined leadership for your organisation we will then work with you to create a Leadership Development Strategy. This will align to the defined model of leadership and ensure the strategy provides the right development and solutions that will build leaders capability based on your trademark behaviours. This is about ensuring your leaders development is aligned and connected to your business strategy and it is not just development for development sake so you can drive real behavioural change whilst driving towards the culture and business future you are looking to create.

If you already have a leadership development strategy and are looking purely for solutions then we have the design capability, technology and a blended approach to providing leadership development in the form or capacity you need.

However we recommend you take a step back to complete the first three steps of Assess, Define and Design instead of jumping straight to solution but understand you may be an organisation at a more advanced stage in your strategy.



Once we get to providing leadership solutions it is then about ensuring we provide the best and most appropriate to your needs. Once again we prefer to do this by matching the solution to your trademark behaviours based on the most important need within a programme or based on your leadership development strategy. We provide a wide range of solutions for your leaders and we see self directed technology as only one of many ways leaders can learn. Examples are below:

Self Service Technology

  • Social Media Platform
  • Career and Talent Platform
  • Self Directed Learning Platform

Psychometric Tools

  • MBTI Personality Type
  • FIROB Influence
  • Thomas Killman Conflict Styles
  • Social & Behavioural Styles Indicator
  • SDI Colours Motivational Value System
  • ME2 Creativity Factor
  • Sosie Values and Motivations
  • OPQ Personality Traits


  • Level 3 & 5 Leadership & Management ILM Qualified apprenticeships

Experiential Learning

  • CSR
  • Learning sets
  • Creativity sets
  • Leadership challenges
  • Mentoring
  • On the job

Face to Face Training

  • Leadership workshops
  • Bespoke workshops
  • Bite size training

Facilitated Events

  • Conferences
  • Offsites
  • Events


  • International speakers
  • Bespoke speakers


  • Assessment centres
  • Development centres
  • Observational assessment & feedback


  • Leadership coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Career coaching

Strengths Based Development

  • Strengthscope 360
  • Strengths Based Coaching



To embed the learning and ensure transfer to the workplace we work with you at the early stages when developing a leadership development strategy to consider what are the best ways to ensure transfer of learning to the workplace. This is also about ensuring you have the right leaders in your organisation who act as cultural architects and leadership influencers to ensure reinforcement of key messages. We also believe that you get the most impact through ensuring you have a communication strategy that supports your overall programme of development. This is about ensuring overall ongoing communication but also key communication before, during and after events.



Defined up front to ensure measures are in place to define success for the organisation so both quantitative and qualitative measures. When we align to the business strategy we can then look at measuring overall success of the organisation, employee engagement, business performance and results by leader. It is important that success is agreed upfront and dependent upon the required solution will depend the agreed evaluation measures.


For further information please contact us at info@leadershiparchitecture.co.uk

Please note we work in partnership and association with other external providers to bring you the best leadership solutions.

And even if you are looking for a one off event and less of a strategic approach we are happy to help and share our thinking.